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I tried to say goodbye but when I see you cry,
I wish that I could be the one to dry your eyes.
My heart it breaks, I just can’t let you know,
You are my everything, I just can’t let you go.

I hid my love for you, you’ve been the one right from the start.
But if you knew, I thought we’re only dream apart
So I held my breath for just a little longer
Please stop and come to me.

I tried to let you go, you could never understand.
I wish I could be the one to take your hand
But now it’s over, I have no more tears to cry
Still, when I’m all alone, I feel you by my side.

You’ll always be the one
I think about you day and night
So I close my eyes
And step into this nightmare.

Will you fly away, so I’ll forget the day
I can’t erase our love,
my memories of you
I’ll give you everything cause you captured my heart.

Baby, can you hear me
Please don’t take her hand
Cause you should be mine, I’ve been waiting.
Can’t you understand?

When the music plays, I will vanish
You will never be by my side now.
And every sleepless night, I pray
I was dreaming, hoping this will all pass…

I’ll see you in your wedding day …

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