It hurts that even we are spending our days together, deep inside he is regretting it. He regrets to be with me. He regrets to spend his days with me. He regret that I became his girlfriend. He lied. He broke his promise and now he is forced to be with me. 
Every time I see the girl that he wished to be his girlfriend, My feelings get
very heavy and my heart starts to feel melancholy. Everything has changed. Everyday he makes me feel like I should have let him go. That I should have moved on. That I should have stopped and forget my feelings. 
For months that we’ve been together, I don’t know anymore whether I can believe him or not. He’s too much to handle now and the thought that he regret to be my boyfriend pierces my heart into pieces.
 – I just can’t forget his words that he said to that girl. That he wished to be her girlfriend. 
Is there any feelings that is more painful than this ?..
And now, I get lonely and furious every time I think of their conversation. I guess nobody really likes to be with me.