There’s a lot about me that I want everyone to know but of course some things are better best kept secret, So lemme just tell you something that is just ABOUT ME .. hahaha !  (ᇴ‿ฺᇴ)

I am not good at expressing myself verbally, Only in writing I can show my real emotion. If I talk, I would think about it a million times before I’d let it out. Also, Even though I am not confident with my English, I still want to write because I want something to look back when I get old – memory’s are happiness and you get to learn a lot from yourself through your writings and old thoughts.

I “rarely” reply to messages I received even in social media except for blogging and stuff like this. I always appreciate it when people recognize my work. It makes me very happy 🙂

I am not an “introvert” but I don’t really like going out. I prefer to stay at home, in my room. Well, The real reason is that Aside from I can drink my coffee anytime (Coffee lover), I can also enjoy watching anime and reading manga. I am a HUGE FAN OF ANIME. I collect stuff about anime, save photos/Wallpapers of anime, posts reviews of anime I’ve watched and read, and download anime songs. Most of the songs I have in my phone are anime theme songs and yep, JAPANESE .. cant help it .. I LOVE THEM !

I prefer reading the manga first before watching an anime adaptation because its more detailed and I get moved easily. But man, I hate it when I read manga with sad ending’s especially with those star crossed lovers. It sticks on my mind for days and when I remember it, Tears wont stop flowing – this is something about me that I don’t really like people to see because my eyes feel like an empty soul. I can feel the the characters pain, sorrow, loneliness, desperate hopes and unspoken emotions.

Stuff i just LOVE ❤

✽ living in an anime world, Met a handsome guy, Have super cool powers, Stay in a castle surrounded by handsome boy’s and “kawaii” stuff, Have pet that talks, Make romantic memories, Have memorable adventures and spend fun time with friends. right?

and yeah, the most interesting about me is I LOVE YAOI 🎶🎵


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