Lost Love


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because no matter how many models you create, you will never replace Tsukishima .. your LOST LOVE


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This is inspired by Kurushitsuji after Ciel was turned into a demon ..

Without anyone to even dare look at me
I still screamed and cried but all I heard is
Laughter that seems to be frightful
Afraid that my existence doesn’t have a reason

A silhouette of winged – creature appeared
A smirk and red vicious eyes
Embraced me with warm darkness
Filled me with emotions unknown to me

The one and only who serves me
The one and only who saves me
The one and only who sees through me
The one and only who never left me

Eyes that bound to see only me
Soul that hunger with the so called love
A form that one touch will shatter into pieces
The master I’ve known whose nowhere to be found

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Hybrid Child


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Hybrid Child.pngLast night, I watched Hybrid Child for the first time. I downloaded its OVA a long time ago and its been there in my folder of yaoi/BL sitting, waiting to be felt and **teary eyed** …..

*sigh* The three different stories got me especially Kuroda’s lost love. It wasn’t easy to watch it continuously ..I hade to stop, pause and wipe my endless tears.

I’ll be writing its summary, and yes ! another entry has been added to my draft.

Although Nakamura – San’s artwork is somewhat similar to every manga she has made, the feelings and emotions of each character is totally different from each other.

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I do not own the anime nor the photo, audio or videos used here on my blog. All rights reserved to the Mangaka, Publisher and the real owner of all the sources I used here on my blog. The intended purpose is for entertainment only.


Vague Prince


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Farther, farther, you’re going farther from me
Tears making my vision of you blurry
Left with our memories that are all slowly fading
Sadness and sorrow wrapped me

The moonlight that led me to the
Broken pieces of melody of that
Forbidden desire’s path
Will this pain go away?

Taken aback by that unknown world
Full of vicious thoughts with your perfect lies
When I closed my eyes, you’re everywhere
Lost in this labyrinth of dimensional affair

Strange feelings that I never imagined
Would exist to embrace the heart
Imprisoned in your dungeon of lustful love
With the sweet smell of pleasure

The warmth I felt just by being with you
The smile painted on my face
The thought that pierces my heart
Why does happy days end?

The rhythm of the rain that calmed me
The feelings in the depths of your eyes
Hidden and can no longer be found
Love that once lost will never return

Fate must have hated the story we made
Impossible dream that only exist in me
Still longing to cast the spell of twisted fate
To be forever by your side, my vague prince

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Anata ga doko e


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I am currently writing a story now related to the song I have composed 8 days ago. I know I haven’t touched my page the past weeks but I am really working on my drafts to finish everything so I can post them already. I got a lot of stories piled up and it might take forever for me to do this. UGH ! anyway, here is the lyrics:

The resonating beat of my heart
filled my image of you with vibrant scene
cast out from the melancholy state
to see the love i once lost

Trying to reach the place where your scent remains
Knowing that even my ignorance of what may happen
will force us to separate ways again
Still, I linger to the only fragment of my memory of you

Breaking through this mysterious link
That imprisoned me to that cursed daydream
Silently weeping for this endless sorrow
Longing to reach the place to where you are

Remembering how it felt to be by your side
Under the crimson moon, trapped in slumber
But never letting go of each other’s hands
While slowly fading from our shared dearest dream

Taken aback by the nostalgic whisper
As I open my eyes welled up with tears
Finally touched by the most familiar figure
While clearly understanding how deceitful my mind is

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To be followed …

By the time that I am fully recovered of my emotions, I’ll be publishing the manga I just recently read – Kare Kano, Vampire Knight and full story of Clannad which has been in my draft for a very long time and also I’ll be editing Ouran High School Host Club since I just finished reading its manga .. Its really annoying how producers changed the story in anime adaptation .. some scenes remains but the most important scene were cut .. tssss .. and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ! I really wish I was born Japanese .. well, Jaa ne !

Why do I feel this way …

As I have thought, I still coulndt get over of Vampire Knight manga’s ending .. I cant stop thinking of Kaname and it breaks my heart .. I got myself attached to the story too much that I cant stop my tears from falling .. and just by the thought of how Kaname’s eyes would look like tears me up and wraps me with loneliness .. Why did you do Kaname ? Why did you rush the story Hino-san ?